Can We… change the future together?

The audacious questions that will be critical to all our futures require bold answers. Answers that can truly change lives for the better.   We present here just some of the questions the University of Auckland seeks to address in the service of our nation.

cw0Can we prevent adult disease before birth?

We have before us the opportunity not only to create the optimal environment for our babies, but also to ensure that they will have improved health as adults.

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Can we restore our unique natural environment?

New Zealand has one of the worst records in loss of native species.  Can we work together to give future generations richer, healthier and more uniquely New Zealand surroundings?

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cw3Can we redefine old age?

We have the opportunity to redefine old age as a fulfilling stage of life, without burden to our diminishing younger generations.

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Find out more about these and other vital questions on our Giving website.  Learn about how we’re searching for answers, and how you can help.


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