Giving FAQs

Will my donation go directly to the University of Auckland?
Yes, once the Friends Board approves the donation it is sent directly to the University of Auckland Foundation.

Will 100 percent of my donation go directly to the project specified at the time of my donation?
Yes, 100% of your gift goes towards the fund of your choice with no portion used for administrative overheads.

Will I receive tax credit in the UK for my donation?
For United Kingdom resident taxpayers, a gift to the UK Friends of The University of Auckland (a UK-registered charity) qualifies the charity to claim Gift Aid from the Inland Revenue for every pound given. Residents in higher tax brackets may claim additional benefits related to their gift on their tax returns. Please contact the Philanthropic Funds Manager Richard Sorrenson – for further information

How will I be notified of events that the University and Friends of the University of Auckland hosts in my area?
If the University of Auckland has your current email and postal address details you will receive regular invitations.